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Autotraducción, libertad de autor y mediación cultural : el caso del italiano Carlo Coccioli

Valentina Mercuri


The Italian author Carlo Coccioli is an extreme example of self-translator since he used to write in three different languages (Italian, Spanish and French) and during his career he translated himself twelve of his works. In this article I will take into account Piccolo Karma (1987), the only novel which was translated by the writer both into Spanish (Pequeño Karma, 1988) and French (Petit Karma, 1988). Several examples will be presented in order to explain that most of the changes between the Italian book and its translation in Spanish and French do not occur randomly; in fact, they are due to Coccioli’s role of mediator. While translating he tries to establish a link with his target reader and modifies parts of his work according to it and in order to reduce the cultural gap

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