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Saberes e Atitudes de Psicólogos Autônomos Diante da Inadimplência: Um Estudo Empírico

Maria Carolina Abianna, Sandra Yvonne Spiendler Rodriguez,


The default, although little discussed, it is an issue of major importance, once it surrounds the independent professionals’ daily work lives. Thus, this research aimed aims to ascertain
the knowledge and courses of action from independent psychologists about default, understood from the semantic meaning of such term, lack of compliance. The study included
8 independent psychologists who were interviewed, and from their collected reports was performed a content analysis, which identified thematic categories and subcategories. Were discussed the aspects that have emerged from the analysis of content related to understanding of default, experience of default, training for the handling and management of default. This study showed that professionals understand the meaning of default in professional practice, however the issue needs to be more discussed during the academic qualification, in a way to better guide the professionals for planning courses of action which can minimize its impact on daily work.

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