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A manifestação em ato na adolescência: testemunho do desamparo

Roberta Araujo Monteiro, Mônica Medeiros Kother Macedo


Through a qualitative research, it was tried to understand through case studies of adolescents the manifestations of the psychic pain via act in the contemporary adolescence scenario and to promote facilitator resources to the adherence of a subsequent psychoanalytic attendance. Three adolescents from 14 to 18 years old participated which highlights during the stage of screening, risk. The adolescent participated of four open interviews among with a sociodemographic report, characterized the study case of each participant. The analysis of the obtained data was made through an Interpretative Analysis proposed by Frederick Erickson. From this proposal, four assertions were identified which highlighted the presence of psychic frailty, the absence of life perspectives, a distortion of the typical aspects of adolescence and the potentiality to create psychic resources from the experience of listening to these adolescents.

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