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El concepto de política en Furió Ceriol

Antonio Hermosa Andújar


Furió’s concept of politics presupposes a dual political subject in which the individual action of the prince joins with that of the group of the Council, an institution divided into seven bodies, each of which is assigned a specific administrative duty. The simple existence of this Council at the same time represents a greater depersonalisation of politics and a functional distribution of power. The election of the different ministers is carried out by means of a tough selection of candidates who must have, in all cases, fifteen qualities of the soul and five of the body. Without these one cannot be elected, but the State uses them to guarantee efficiency and justice in its management. The result of all of this is an original, almost immanent, secular, realist and empirical concept of politics which in more than one important aspect relates to that of Machiavelli. However, it is still, despite everything, rather different to this (e. g. in the power attributed to its organisation of the State, which renders unnecessary a prince with the virtù of Machiavelli).

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