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Dos tipos de construcciones con si en italiano

Patrizia Romani


This article uses Government and Binding Theory to analyze two groups of Italian constructions with the clitic si: those which have an impersonal meaning and imply the existence of an indeterminate agent that is necessarily human, and those which imply the existence of an agent that is coreferent with the one expressed. This second group of constructions presents an anaphoric si; on the contrary, a non-anaphoric si appears in the first one. Whatever meaning they may have, none of the constructions with a clitic si has a thematic deep subject. Both the anaphoric and the non-anaphoric si, constitute a single entity that has the [+3rd Person] feature, with no further referential content. The two si are generated in the same structural place and they influence the syntactic behaviour of the node INFL in the same way. Their only difference lies in the relationship of coreference that the clitic si may or may not establish with the superficial subject.

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