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Las traducciones del Decameron de Boccaccio en España (1800-1940)

Cesáreo Calvo Rigual


This is a review of every translation of the Decameron (total, partial, adaptations) undertaken in Spain between 1800 and 1940. Many of the anthologies reviewed give priority to the novelle with greater erotic or anticlerical content, although this is often toned down by censure or self-censure. The result is rather poor: the Decameron has been published on very few occasions by a renowned editor or a skilled translator. Most of the translations are from the French, and many of these plagiarise each other. The real number of translations is therefore quite low (only one of the three complete translations is directly from the Italian). The language used in the translations is generally poor. Boccaccio’s work was not faithfully translated during this period. Spanish readers must wait until the second half of the 20th century.

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