Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1997: Vol.: 41 Núm.: 2

Vol.: 41 Núm.: 2


$L^2$-boundedness of a singular integral operator PDF
D. Fan, Yibiao Pan 317-333
Integrability of a linear center perturbed by a fifth degree homogeneous polynomial PDF
J. Chavarriga, J. Giné 335-356
Foliations in algebraic surfaces having a rational first integral PDF
A. García Zamora 357-373
Continuum-wise expansive diffeomorphisms PDF
K. Sakai 375-382
On $Sp(2)$ and $Sp(2)\cdot Sp(1)$-structures in 8-dimensional vector bundles PDF
M. Cadek, J. Vanzura 383-401
Harmonic functions operating in Hermitian Banach PDF
A. El Kinani 403-409
Simple groups contain minimal simple groups PDF
M. J. J. Barry, M. B. Ward 411-415
Functions of class $C^k$ without derivatives PDF
G. M. Tuynman 417-435
$G$-structures of second order defined by linear operators satisfying algebraic relations PDF
D. Demetropoulou-Psomopoulou 437-453
Molecules and linearly ordered ideals of $MV$-algebras PDF
C. S. Hoo 455-465
Structure of spaces of germs of holomorphic functions PDF
N. Van Khue, P. Thien Danh 467-480
$P$-nilpotent completion is not idempotent PDF
G. C. Tan 481-487
Alexander ideals of classical knots PDF
C. Kearton, S. M. J. Wilson 489-494
On finite abelian groups realizable as Mislin genera PDF
Peter Hilton, D. Scevenels 495-505
Nonlocal problems for quasilinear functional partial differential equations of first order PDF
J. Turo 507-517
The Voronovskaya theorem for some linear positive operators in exponential weight spaces PDF
L. Rempulska, M. Skorupka 519-526
Some remarks on indices of holomorphic vector fields PDF
M. Brunella 527-544
Caractérisation des anneaux noethériens de séries formelles à croissance controlée. Application à la synthèse spectrale PDF
J. Chaumat, A.-M. Chollet 545-561
LS-catégorie de CW-complexes à 3 cellules en théorie homotopique $R$-locale PDF
H. Scheerer, D. Tanré 563-576
Norm inequalities for the minimal and maximal operator, and differentiation of the integral PDF
D. Cruz-Uribe, SFO, C. J. Neugebauer, V. Olesen 577-604
The multiplicative structure of $K(n)^*(BA_4)$ PDF
M. Brunetti 605-612
Consequences of the meromorphic equivalence of standard matrix differential equations PDF
H. J. Zwiesler 613-630
Padua and Pisa are exponentially far apart PDF
B. M. M. de Weger 631-651
There is no analog of the transpose map for infinite matrices PDF
J. J. Simón Pinero 653-657
The closed convex hull of the interpolating Blaschke products PDF
K. Øyma 659-669