Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1996: Vol.: 40 Núm.: 1

Vol.: 40 Núm.: 1


Generating functions on extended Jacobi polynomials from Lie group view point PDF
M. C. Mukherjee 3-13
The maximal quotient rings of regular group rings III PDF
Ferran Cedó i Giné 15-19
Integrability of a linear center perturbed by a fourth degree homogeneous polynomial PDF
J. Chavarriga, J. Giné 21-39
Auto-applications holomorphes propres des domaines polynomiaux rigides de $\mathbf{C}^2$ PDF
A. Chaouech 41-66
Stability results for convergence of convex sets and functions in nonreflexive spaces PDF
J. Lahrache 67-83
Estimates of solutions of impulsive parabolic equations and applications to the population dynamics PDF
D. Bainov, E. Minchev 85-94
Equivalence de deux fibrations pour les feuilletages logarithmiques PDF
A. Kabila 95-114
Characterizations of semiperfect and perfect rings PDF
W. Xue 115-125
Oscillation of solutions of some nonlinear difference equations PDF
Z. Szafranski, B. Szmanda 127-133
On the exceptional set in Nevanlinna's second fundamental theorem in the unit disc PDF
Arturo Fernández Arias, F. Rodríguez Mateos 135-156
Adams spectral sequence and higher torsion in $MSp_*$ PDF
B. I. Botvinnik, S. O. Kochman 157-193
On the analytic capacity and curvature of some Cantor sets with non-$\sigma$-finite length PDF
P. Mattila 195-204
Sufficient conditions for the existence of a center in polynomial systems of arbitrary degree PDF
H. Giacomini, M. Ndiaye 205-214
Analytical and numerical study of some variants of Koiter's linear model of thin shells PDF
A. Vilariño Moreno 215-228
On the removable singularities for meromorphic mappings PDF
E. M. Chirka 229-232