Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1994: Vol.: 38 Núm.: 1

Vol.: 38 Núm.: 1


On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of linear difference equations PDF
J. Popenda, E. Schmeidel 3-9
On the existence, uniqueness and parametric dependence on the coefficients of the solution processes in McShane's stochastic integral equations PDF
A. Constantin 11-24
Weighted norm inequalities for maximal functions from the Muckenhoupt conditions PDF
Y. Rakotondratsimba 25-36
The property $(H_u)$ and $(\tilde\Omega)$ with the exponential representation of holomorphic functions PDF
N. Minh Ha, N. Van Khue 37-49
Equidistribution and the Riemann hypothesis PDF
H. L. Hutson 51-55
Projections on Hardy spaces in the Lie ball PDF
D. Bekollé 57-68
Relatively open operators and the ubiquitous concept PDF
R. W. Cross 69-79
On a pointwise ergodic theorem for multiparameter semigroups PDF
R. Sato 81-87
Exact sequences for mixed coproduct/tensor-product ring constructions PDF
Warren Dicks, I. J. Leary 89-126
Maximal functions and related weight classes PDF
C. Sbordone, I. Wik 127-155
Interpolating varieties for weighted spaces of entire functions in $\mathbf{C}^n$ PDF
C. A. Berenstein, B. Q. Li 157-173
An application of metric diophantine approximation in hyperbolic space to quadratic forms PDF
S. L. Velani 175-185
The non-archimedean space $BC(X)$ with the strict topology PDF
N. De Grande-De Kimpe, S. Navarro 187-194
$\mathbf{R}$-trees and the Bieri-Neumann-Strebel invariant PDF
G. Levitt 195-202
Locally soluble groups with all nontrivial normal subgroups isomorphic PDF
J. C. Lennox, H. Smith, J. Wiegold 203-205
Existence domains for holomorphic $L^p$-functions PDF
N. J. Daras 207-212
On Bott-periodic algebraic $K$-theory PDF
F. Zaldívar 213-225
Compactness of support of solutions for some classes of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic systems PDF
M. Bouchekif 227-241
Isoperimetric inequalities and Dirichlet functions of Riemann surfaces PDF
J. M. Rodríguez 243-253