Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1990: Vol.: 34 Núm.: 2

Vol.: 34 Núm.: 2


$(h_0,h)$-boundedness of the solutions of differential systems with impulses PDF
G. K. Kulev, D. Bainov 225-239
Some characterizations of regular modules PDF
G. Azumaya 241-248
Asymptotic equivalence of impulsive differential equations in a Banach space PDF
D. Bainov, Stepan I. Kostadinov, A. D. Myshkis 249-257
Approximation problems in modular spaces of double sequences PDF
A. Waszak 259-268
On the maximality of the sum of two maximal monotone operators PDF
R. Hassan 269-271
A note on characterization of Moishezon spaces PDF
K. Rama 273-275
$C_0$-Fredholm operators. IV PDF
H. Bercovici 277-290
$Q$-perfect groups and universal Q-central extensions PDF
Ronald Brown 291-297
Category measures on Baire spaces PDF
J. M. (José María) Ayerbe Toledano 299-305
Weighted ergodic theorems for weakly mixing transformation groups PDF
M. E. Becker 307-309
Lie algebras of vector fields and codimension one foliations PDF
T. Rybicki 311-321
On the connections between the topological genus of certain polyhedra and the algebraic genus of their Hilton-Hopf quadratic forms PDF
I. Bokor 323-333
Truncated polynomial algebras over the Steenrod algebra PDF
Mohammad Ali 335-339
Chebyshev coefficients for $L^1$-preduals and for spaces with the extension property PDF
José M. Bayod, M. C. Masa 341-347
Syzygies of modules and applications to propagation of regularity phenomena PDF
A. Meril, D. C. Struppa 349-377
Embedding torsionless modules in projectives PDF
C. Faith 379-387
Relation between the boundary point spectrum of a generator and of its adjoint PDF
Fuensanta Andreu, J. M. Mazón 389-396
Discontinuity of the product in multiplier algebras PDF
M. Oudadess 397-401