Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1990: Vol.: 34 Núm.: 1

Vol.: 34 Núm.: 1


Energy machineries on a manifold; application to the construction of new energy representations of gauge groups PDF
J. Marion 3-24
Solving a class of generalized Lyapunov operator differential equations without the exponential operator function PDF
L. Jódar 25-35
Split-null extensions of strongly right bounded rings PDF
G. F. Birkenmeier 37-44
The topological centralizers of Toeplitz flows and their Z_2-extensions PDF
W. Bulatek, J. Kwiatkowski 45-65
Realization of long exact sequences of abelian groups PDF
I. S. Pressman 67-76
Hölder and L^p estimates for the solutions of the $\bar\partial$-equation in non-smooth strictly pseudoconvex domains PDF
J. M. Burgués 77-91
Hyperbolicity in a class of one-dimensional maps PDF
G. J. Davis 93-105
On compact Itô's formulas for martingales of m^4_c PDF
M. Jolis 107-128
The connective K-theory of spinor groups PDF
Luis T. Magalhães 129-134
Subsets of Hardy-class zero sets in the ball PDF
P. J. Thomas 135-144
Weakly additive cohomology PDF
E. Espanier 145-150
Cohomology of Lie groups made discrete PDF
Pere Pascual Gainza 151-174
The Lions's problem for Gustavsson-Peetre functor PDF
E. I. Bereznoi, M. Mastylo 175-179
Fourier Analysis of a space of Hilbert-Schmidt operators-new Ha-plitz type operators PDF
Jaak Peetre 181-197
Conformal and related changes of metric on the product of two almost contact metric manifolds PDF
D. E. Blair, J. A. Oubiña 199-207
Weak dimension of group-graded rings PDF
A. del Río 209-216
Monoid rings that are firs PDF
A. Pitarch 217-221
Addendum to "Polynomial rings over Jacobson-Hilbert rings" PDF
C. Faith 223-223