Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2010: Vol.: 54 Núm.: 1

Vol.: 54 Núm.: 1


The K-group of substitutional systems
A. El Kacimi, R. Parthasarathy
Stabilization in Hr ∞ (D)
B. D. Wick 25-52
A boundedness criterion for general maximal operators
Andrei K. Lerner, S. Ombrosi 53-71
f-polynomials, h-polynomials and l2-Euler characteristics
D. Boros 73-81
Homotopy classification of gerbes
J. F. Jardine 83-111
Joining polynomial and exponential combinatorics for some entire maps
A. Garijo, X. Jarque, M. Moreno Rocha 113-136
Algebraic webs invariant under endomorphisms
M. Dabija, M. Jonsson 137-148
On the sum product estimates and two variables expanders
C.-Y. Shen 149-157
Some remarks about parametrizations of intrinsic regular surfaces in the Heisenberg group
F. Bigolin, D. Vittone 159-172
Index of an implicit differential equation
L. S. Challapa, M. A. S. Ruas 173-186
Integration with respect to local time and Itô's formula for smooth nondegenerate martingales
Xavier Bardina i Simorra, C. Rovira 187-208
Effective uniform approximation by the Riemann zeta-function
R. Garunkštis, A. Laurincikas, K. Matsumoto, J. Steuding, R. Steuding 209-219
A choice of Sobolev spaces associated with ultraspherical expansions
Jorge J. Betancor, J. C. Fariña, L. Rodríguez-Mesa, R. Testoni, J. L. Torrea 221-242
Sur les automorphismes réguliers de Ck
H. de Thélin 243-262