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Tres ciudades (una parábola). De la ciudad del príncipe a la del último ciudadano

Manuel Saravia, Pablo Gigosos


Three assertions are stated in this article. The first one, something is moving, since long, in the town-planning field. Something which has to do with globalization of the cities, where diverse situations and problems are becoming more and more similar and whose traditional urban instruments seem to be unable to deal with. Neither its aims nor its references nor techniques become sufficient nowadays.

The second one, the perception of these trends allows to put former urban processes back on track, which are exemplified in this writing as the prince’s baroque city and the social democracy of the modern urbanism, with its more recent derivations. The parable of the three cities helps to understand the changes in progress.

The third assertion, according to the clarity which we raise and assume such changes with, our ability to slow down the depredations which are implied and rationalize will be higher or not. Centring in human rights when rising urban intervention again is essential to save suffering: for the last citizens in wealthy democracies as well as those all in poor countries.

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