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Una tesis de planeamiento de los años 50. Planeamiento y urbanización de Necochea-Quequén (Argentina): Antonio Bonet, Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, arquitectos

Perla Bruno


The object of this work is to show how, both the problem of urbanization for mass leisure in the Atlantic littoral, and city planning for the modern cities are considered in the Plan for Necochea-Quequén made by Antonio Bonet and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy (1950), within the framework of the call for international competition that took place in 1949, organized for the Instituto Inversor of Buenos Aires Province.

In order to realize its particularity, the proposal will be confronted with other plans and urban projects besides sea-side resorts. As a starting point, we consider that the plan represents a particular moment in the transformation of the urban discipline in Argentina, during which CIAM principles are abandoned or applied in a more flexible way. Finally, the study will allow us to understand a particular form in acting and constructing both the city and the territory, in a political context which, by its sudden ending, will confine all these experiences to its complete forgetfulness and consequently they remain almost unknown.

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