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Ciudades al borde del colapso. Notas sobre la insoportable insustentabilidad urbana

Roberto Fernández


Karl Polanyi had already highlighted the anomaly of the capacity of the natural system to accommodate unlimited urban growth and indeed that anomaly had already existed in nuce from around the time of the 14th Century, i.e. initiating the consolidation of the urban modus. Thereafter the phenomenon of world urbanisation – something greeted politically by Lefevbre and still in force within the bipolar dispute of the 1960s – linked to desperate migrations, has been converted into symptoms of a situation that has dismantled the myth linking spatial mobility to social mobility. Both expire historically at the same time, at the moment of liquid modernity (Baumann) and unfold from a tactical and infinite re-territorialisation concerning the geography of a world, no longer sustainable for its 6.3 billion inhabitants. Consequently these will grow amidst an ever-decreasing basic quality of life, as announced by the bombastic report entitled Cities Transformed, backed by nothing less than the United States’ National Academy of Sciences. Facing a rapidly increasing crisis challenging urban governability, it is necessary to analyse possible paths of a future history, of a post-urban nature.

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