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Vecindarios defensivos latinoamericanos. Los espacios prohibitorios de la globalización

Eloy Méndez Sáinz


The defensive neighborhoods are an experience protected by the security of social need. It is justified through a discourse that recognizes qualities of appropriate and invests them with advantages of the forbidden. With the distance of space and time that cancels every similarity, individual residences and defensive neighborhoods have exclusiveness while they have and enjoy scarce welfare like security, infrastructure, urban services and even reserved public spaces. In these notes is reviewed the looking of the ideal city among urban theory and practice Anglo-Saxon authors along XX century. They are stringed by the common preoccupation of community life, arriving in proposals as unequal as new urbanism and edge cities. It works in the Latin American experience later, particularly Mexican, to obtain provisional conclusions that serve us to advance in the comprehension and solution of the urbanism to set up in Mexico.

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