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2008: Núm.: 1 - December. English. Talent management

Núm.: 1 - December. English. Talent management

"Good talent management means cultivating, securing and attracting it. Talent is a key factor of competitiveness in the knowledge economy, for companies, for entrepreneurship and for education. Human resources policy, risk and innovation for the company. Cities and Science parks. New learning environments to promote entrepreneurship in education. Network economy, diversity and international talent.
Compilation of experiences (from companies, universities, organizations): the CIRIT awards, the program ""Youth and Science"" from Caixa Catalunya, ICREA, the UAB, business schools in Barcelona, talent in textile-fashion companies, in other sectors, in the arts such as music or in Iceland."


Presentation. Going for talent. PDF
Josep Huguet i Biosca
Executive summary. Talent management. PDF
Enric LLarch
Towards a policy of cultivating, securing and attracting talent PDF
Andreu Mas-Colell
Fostering talent: opportunities and challenges PDF
Gabriel Ferraté i Pascual
Talent management policies PDF
Roser Salvat, Xavier Marcet
The talent economy, cities and science parks PDF
Tom Cannon
Talent nests PDF
Lluís Torner
Educating for enterpreunership: talent, innovation and risk PDF
Josep Lladós
Brought by the stork - with a business plan in the sling PDF
Ramon Ollé
Talent and venture capital PDF
Robert Gili
Do Barcelona and Catalonia attract talent? PDF
Xavier Testar
Talent and human resources policies PDF
Josep Maria Llaurador
"To be a global company diverse talent is needed" PDF
Santiago Morera
New talent management tools and techniques: the Microsoft case PDF
Carles Grau
Talent and education PDF
Enric Roca
Facing the new paradigm of overgiftedness and other capacities PDF
Josep de Mirandés
Science and technology vocations in Catalonia PDF
Lluís Jofre i Roca
Entrepreneurial learning in the networked age: How new learning environments foster entrepreneurship and innovation PDF
Max Senges, John Seely Brown, Howard Rheingold
Research works and the CIRIT awards: scientific talent in secondary school PDF
Albert Montori
The youth do science PDF
Maria Calsamiglia, Miquel Perdiguer
Academic career and talent attraction: a need and an opportunity for the UAB PDF
Ana Ripoll, Albert Grasa
CFIS, an experience of academic excellence at the UPC PDF
Pere Pascual
Business schools and attracting international talent to Barcelona PDF
Xavier Mendoza
The contribution of the ICREA programme for foreign talent seizure and return PDF
Ariadna Boada
The talent connection PDF
Nick Leon
Developing vocations in compulsory school pupils PDF
Ricard Huguet
Talent attraction, a competitive variable PDF
Marcel Prunera
Talent and survival. The Iceland case PDF
Svafa Grönfeldt
Fashion and talent, an infrequent entente PDF
Marta Camps, Immaculada Urrea
"Genius needs to be cultivated to grow" PDF
Jordi Savall
Talent management in a big football club PDF
Ferran Soriano


Commented bibliography: RICHARD FLORIDA: Who's your city? PILAR JERICO: La nueva gestión del talento. LYN HEWARD (expresidenta de Le Cirque du Soleil): La magia PDF
Antoni Gurguí
Commented bibliography: Women and ICT study PDF
Elisabet Golobardes


Tourist promotion and advertising 2.0 PDF
Ignasi de Delàs
What is the explanation for the difference in relative prices between Catalonia and Spain? PDF
Joan Costa