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2009: Núm.: 2 - Juny. English. Change of business cycle or change of model?

Núm.: 2 - Juny. English. Change of business cycle or change of model?

Analysis of the validity of main trends in the context of the current crisis: energy, commodities, environment, emerging markets and immigration


Presentation. A Catalan way to overcome the crisis PDF
Josep Huguet i Biosca 4-5
Executive summary. Change of cycle or change of model? PDF
Enric Llarch 6-9
The oil market PDF
Mariano Marzo
Competitiveness and energy: two sides of the same coin PDF
Andris Piebalgs
The commodity markets PDF
Òscar Mascarilla-Miró
The food market in times of crisis PDF
Francesc Castañer
"The environment is the way to change the economic model" PDF
Francesc Ximeno
News roles of emerging countries in a global economy in crisis PDF
Joan Tugores
The global economic crisis and migration: temporary interruption or structural change? PDF
Stephen Castles, Simona Vezzoli
The current and previous crises PDF
Francesc Cabana
A macroeconomic perspective of the Western economy and the financial crisis PDF
Antonio Argandoña Rámiz
The impact of the crisis on the financial system PDF
Xavier Cuadras
The rise and fall of the first global real estate bubble PDF
Gonzalo Bernardos
Crisis and crisis. The Spanish economic crisis and the world crisis: two different crises not to be confounded PDF
Antoni Gurguí, Jaume Angerri
Towards a change of model in international economic relations? PDF
Joaquim Coello
Towards a new architecture of the international financial system. PDF
Joaquim Muns
Public aid in the banking system: rescuing ones to the detriment of others? PDF
Jordi Gual, Sandra Jódar-Rosell
Effects of the crisis on the functioning of companies. PDF
Oriol Amat Salas
The crisis of the ICT industry within the economic situation PDF
Pau Contreras, Antonio Tormo
The difference in the impact of the crisis in different areas of the world. Who can win and who can lose? PDF
Maite Ardèvol
Regulation liberalisation and interventionism. Some thoughts on the relation between economic ideas and the crisis PDF
Miquel Puig
After the crisis PDF
Alfred Pastor
"The economy after the crisis" PDF
Gary Hamel, Antoni Gurguí
Scenarios after the crisis. Panel discussion PDF
Ramon Aymerich
Crisis: classical and recent analysis. A text guide PDF
Joan Tugores


Commented bibliography II PDF
Antoni Gurguí
Commented bibliography PDF
Cinto Ros i Ombravella, Alfons Garcia


New settings for the European labour markets: the flexicurity model PDF
Alfons Garcia
Economic effects of integration policies of migrants PDF
Guillem López i Casasnovas, Gabriel Farragut, Ana Mosterin, Catia Nicodemo