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La teoría crítica : de Frankfurt a Habermas. Una traducción de la teoría de la acción comunicativa a la sociología

José Antonio Noguera


This article seeks to be a first introduction for those not iniciated in the sociological theory of Jürgen Habermas. It analyzes Habermas' theory of communicative action from the "linguistic turn" to the theory of society going through the theory of action. It is argumented that Habermas' theory starts from a concept of communicative rationality which is philosophically grounded and not dogmatic, as an alternative to instrumental-strategic rationality; that his theory of communicative action gives a model of action, alternative to that of the rational choice theories; that his two-level theory of society avoids the theoretical problems of both functionalism and phenomenology, connecting with the marxist tradition; and to finish with, that everything preserves a connection between theory and practice which is typical of any critical theory of society.

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