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New lycids from China (Coleoptera, Lycidae)

S. Kazantsev


Thirteen new lycid species (Coleoptera, Lycidae) are
described f rom China: Pyropterus (Helcophorus) tricolor n. sp., Xylobanellus gansuensis n. sp., Cautires bulenoides n. sp., C. yengi n. sp., C. mao n. sp., C. vigens n. sp., C. sichuanensis n. sp., C. galae n. sp., Xylobanus montiphionus n. sp., Libnetis xilingensis n. sp., L. monachus n. sp., L. latrunculus n. sp. and L. confucius n. sp. This is the first record of Xylobanellus Kleine, 1930, in China. Only basally sclerotized paramerae are for the first time described in Pyropterus Mulsant, 1838.

Key words: Coleoptera, Lycidae, New species, China.

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