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Distribución del género Stygiophyes Fresneda, 1998 y descripción de Stygiophyes aldomai allomorphus ssp. n. (Coleoptera, Cholevidae, Leptodirinae)

J. Fresneda, Oleguer Escolà Boada


New data on the distribution of several species of the genus Stygiophyes Fresneda 1998 (S. aldomai, S. latebricola, S. latebricola elongatus, S. puncticollis, S. saforensis and S. sanctigervasd are presented. The new localities reported include both caves and superficial underground compartments (MSS). Some taxonomic notes regarding the species Stygiophyes aldomai, Stygiophyes ribagorzanus, and Stygiophyes
zariquieyi ("bona species") are also included. A new subspecies is described, Stygiophyes aldomai allomorphus n. ssp., with material from two localities in Pont de Suert, and one in Vall de Boí (Lleida). Stygiophyes latrunculus is transferred to the genus Speonomites. The colonisation processes that could have resulted in the present distribution of the species of the genus are discussed.

Key words: Stygiophyes, Geonemy, Taxonomy, Stygiophyes aldomai allomorphus n. ssp., Pyrenees,

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