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El Concejo de Zaragoza en la monarquía de Carlos II

Sergio Sánchez García


In this text, the relationship between the city of Saragossa and its leaders with Charles It’s government is analyzed. The defensive war against France was the monarchy’s priority.
To obtain resources from the capital city of Saragossa a double action was combined: on the one hand, to control the government and the treasury’s mechanisms and the access to the minority ruling class –the citizens-, and on the other hand, to yield in isolated cases to some of their aspirations.
This context explains the relevant events: changes in the process of revision of the local laws and the access to citizenship; alterations in the sociology of the patricians in Saragossa; the establishment of a system to control them; the monarchy intervention in public markets and the local Inland Revenue; and tutelage of extraordinary jurisdictions.
Finally, John of Austria’s viceroyalty is studied from the point of view of his performance with the city of Saragossa.

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