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Descubrir y usurpar. La otra cara de la expedición de Mopox

Imilcy Balboa Navarro, Gerardo Cabrera Prieto


The Royal Commission of Guantánamo who developed their work on the island of Cuba between 1797 and 1802 aimed at studying the conditions that would allow the opening of new channels of communication and the settlement of remote locations. But the issue also had another object “undeclared”: reviewing the situation and status of land called realengos. Our work will focus precisely on the analysis of the role played by realengos during and after the issue, not just as the king’s lands that would form the basis of the proposed settlement, but also as a source of income to tax authorities and as a way of enhancing the heritage of the landowners; as well as its linkage with the changes taking place in the island around the conceptions of the uses and soil domains.

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