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La formación de los trabajadores valencianos. Un análisis sectorial y espacial

María Dolores Pitarch Garrido


In the present paper we analyze the training level of the valencian workers, so much occupy as unemployed, from the sectoral and spatial point of view. In the first case, the sectors that exhibit a better position in terms of the training of their busy, they are related them to the services offer followed by most specialized industries. Traditional industries and the banal services together with the agriculture are the sectors that present some percentages most unfavourable. From the spatial point of view, the absence of training abounds mainly between the workers that reside in two types of aTeas: the industrialists that they have attracted important contingent of immigrated from the years 60, and the rural with a strong dependency of the agriculture. Qn the contrary, rnost of the coastal municipalities from Castellón southward, as well as the industrial interior municipalities or service centers (mainly of public service) present relatively high figures of workers with university studies. The formative differences of the workers so much at sectoral level as territorial, they can be an important problem for the attainment of a regional development balanced in the Community Valenciana.

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