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Entre naciones, señoríos y diputaciones: América en el constitucionalismo valenciano

Manuel Chust


The participation of valencian deputies in Cadiz Courts is known by their combative emphasis against the feudalism —J. L. Villanueva, A. Loret, P. Aparisis— or in favour of keep it —E. J. Borrull— Nevertheless their significance skipped by ¡ssues that could seem far-off as the american ones. lts no so.
The valencian deputies will take part actively in national american question discussions because they had a national sense of political context and because certains colonial abolitionist approaches encouraged the antifeudalism proposal puts foward from valencians showing similarities with feudal Iinks that they wanted abolish in the Peninsule. At the same time taht they did a comun front in front of autonommist proposals of the liberal state organised by te provincial deputation. Proposals definitively rejects.

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