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Las interacciones atmóstera-mar en las grandes ciclogénesis mediterráneas

José Quereda Sala, Enrique Montón Chiva


During the two last decades, it has ocurred a serial of great depressional situations over the east coast of Spain, obtaining successive records in the intensity and quantity of the rainfall. At them, the atlantic flow from west trends to fork in front of the western coasts of european continent, leaving deep coid lows over Iberian Peninsula. In the base of these phenomena, we can find anomalies in the energetic balance of the interfase atmosphere-ocean, from which the SST (Sea Surfase Temperature) is indicative. In fact, the twelve gratest depressional situations during the studied period have been associated with energetic anomalies, detected by the SST. These anomalies consist in important warming of the surface sea in western Mediterranean and a cooling of the northatlantic sea, above all, the southern coasts of Icelan.

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