Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2006: Vol.: 13 Núm.: 3

Vol.: 13 Núm.: 3



Searching degrees of self-contradiction in Atanassov's fuzzy sets Text complet
Elena Esther Castiñeira Holgado, Susana Cubillo Villanueva, Carmen Torres-Blanc
Lexicographic combinations of preference relations in the context of possibilistic decision theory Text complet
Lluís Godo Lacasa, Adriana Zapico
Measuring criteria weigths by means of dimension Text complet
Daniel Gómez González, Francisco Javier Montero de Juan, Francisco Javier Yáñez Gestoso
Aggregation, non-contradiction ans excluded-middle Text complet
Ana Pradera Gómez, Enric Trillas i Gay
Linguistic knowledge base simplification regarding accuracy and interpretability Text complet
José M. Alonso, Luis Magdalena Layos, Serge Guillaume
Editorial [Joint EUSFLAT-LFA 2005 Conference] Text complet
Pilar Sobrevilla Frisón, Eduard Montseny Masip