Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

1999: Vol.: 6 Núm.: 2-3

Vol.: 6 Núm.: 2-3



Some ideas concerning fuzzy intelligent systems Text complet
D. Senén Barro Ameneiro
The limits of fuzzy logic Text complet
Juan Luis Castro Peña
Inference of fuzzy regular grammars from examples Text complet
Inmaculada Fortes Ruiz, Rafael Morales Bueno, José Luís Pérez de la Cruz Molina, Francisco Triguero Ruiz, M. A. Comino
On the global stability of Takagi-Sugeno general model Text complet
Fernando Matía, Basil M. Al-Hadithi, Agustín Jiménez
Formal Validation of Fuzzy Control Techniques. Perspectives Text complet
Antonio Sala Piqueras, Pedro Albertos Pérez
Fast prototyping of computing-oriented fuzzy logic systems Text complet
José Ignacio Martínez Torre, Jean-Pierre Deschamps, Milagros Fernández Centeno
A mixed-signal architecture for high complexity CMOS fuzzy controllers Text complet
Rafael Navas González, Fernando Vidal Verdú, Ángel Rodríguez-Vázquez
Towards a fuzzy computability? Text complet
Claudio Moraga
Some practical problems in fuzzy sets-based decision support systems Text complet
Antonio Sancho Royo, José Luis Verdegay, Edmundo Vergara-Moreno
Truth and utility in fuzzy logic Text complet
Alejandro Sobrino Cerdeiriña
A reflection on what is a membership function Text complet
Enric Trillas i Gay, Claudi Alsina i Català
Putting together Łukasiewicz and product logics Text complet
Francesc Esteva Massaguer, Lluís Godo Lacasa
Idempotent operators on a finite chain Text complet
Margarita Mas Grimalt, Joan Torrens Sastre, Tomasa Calvo Sánchez, Marc Carbonell Huguet
On the learning of weights in some aggregation operators: the weighted mean and OWA operators Text complet
Vicenç Torra
Method of least squares applied to the generalized modus ponens with interval-valued fuzzy sets Text complet
Eduard Agustench Cotilla, Humberto Nicanor Bustince Sola, Mª Victoria Mohedano Salillas
Editorial [8th. Spanish Congress on Fuzzy Logic and Technology: selection of extended new versions of papers] Text complet
Pedro Burillo López, Alejandro Sobrino Cerdeiriña