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2015: Vol.: 3 A Blatant Case of Over-Accommodation Abstract   PDF
Valeria Ottonelli
2014: Vol.: 2 A Brief Rejoinder to Valentini Details   PDF
Kok-Chor Tan
2013: Vol.: 1 A Constitutivist theory of reasons: Its promise and parts Abstract   Full text
Michael Smith
2013: Vol.: 1 A Defense of animal citizens and sovereigns Abstract   Full text (pdf)
Sue Donaldson, Will Kymlicka
2015: Vol.: 3 Advantage, Authority, Autonomy and Continuity: A Response to Ferracioli, Gheaus and Stroud Abstract   PDF
Harry Brighouse, Adam Swift
2015: Vol.: 3 Are Unequal Incarceration Rates Unjust to Men? Abstract   PDF
Gina Schouten
2016: Núm: 4 Compulsory Medication, Trial Competence, and Penal Theory Details   PDF
Jesper Ryberg
2013: Vol.: 1 Cosmozoopolis: the case against Group-Differentiated Animal Rights Abstract   Full text (pdf)
Cochrane Alasdair
2016: Núm: 4 Democracy, Legitimacy, and Global Governance Details   PDF
David Lefkowitz
2016: Núm: 4 Democratic Legitimacy, International Institutions and Cosmopolitan Disaggregation Details   PDF
David Álvarez
2015: Vol.: 3 Distributive Justice and Female Longevity Abstract   PDF
Paula Casal
2015: Vol.: 3 Do Women Enjoy a Political Advantage? Majority Position and Democratic Justice Abstract   PDF
Pierre-Étienne Vandamme
2015: Vol.: 3 Egalitarian Family Values? Abstract   PDF
Sarah Stroud
2016: Núm: 4 Emigration in a Time of Cholera : Freedom, Brain Drain, and Human Rights Details   PDF
Kieran Oberman
2016: Núm: 4 Ethics, Politics, and Emigration Details   PDF
Michael Blake
2016: Núm: 4 Expanding the Brain Drain Debate Details   PDF
Joseph H. Carens
2015: Vol.: 3 Family Values: An Introduction Abstract   PDF
Andrew Williams
2014: Vol.: 2 Firms, States, and Democracy: A Qualified Defense of the Parallel Case Argument Abstract   PDF
Iñigo González-Ricoy
2015: Vol.: 3 Four Puzzles on Gender Equality Abstract   PDF
Philippe Van Parijs
2013: Vol.: 1 Global injustice and redistributive wars Abstract   Full text (pdf)
Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen
2014: Vol.: 2 Globalization and Global Justice in Review Abstract   PDF
Nicole Hassoun
2014: Vol.: 2 In Defense of the Internal Aspects View: Person-Affecting Reasons, Spectrum Arguments and Inconsistent Intuitions Abstract   PDF
Oscar Horta
2014: Vol.: 2 Internal or External Grounds for the Nontransitivity of “Better/Worse than” Abstract   PDF
Ingmar Persson
2015: Vol.: 3 Is There a Right to Parent? Abstract   PDF
Anca Gheaus
2013: Vol.: 1 Jury nullifications and the bad faith juror Abstract   Full text (PDF)
Travis Hreno
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