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2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 2 4th international UNIVEST: strategies towards collaborative learning Resum   Text complet
Organizing Commitee UNIVEST'13
2015: Vol.: 5 Núm.: 2 8th International Conference on University Teaching and Innovation (CIDUI): flexible training models Resum   Text complet
Organising Committee CIDUI
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 3 A conceptual framework for error remediation with multiple external representations applied to learning objects Resum   Text complet
Maici Duarte Leite, Diego Marczal, Andrey Ricardo Pimentel, Alexandre Ibrahim Direne
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 2 A Free accessible individual-based simulator enabling virtual experiments on soil organic matter processes in classroom Resum   Text complet
Anna Maria Gras Moreu, Juan Carlos Cañadas Lorenzo, Marta Ginovart Gisbert
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 1 A handful of bacteria: a simple activity that engages students to think and write like a scientist Resum   Text complet
Pengfei Song
2012: Vol.: 2 Núm.: 1 A New learning experience: voluntary preparatory course for the bachelor’s degree in engineering Resum   HTML
Muriel Botey, Olga Alcaraz
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 1 A proposal to improve your assessment skills Detalls   Text complet
Beatriz Amante García, María Martínez Martínez
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 1 Academic performance of students admitted with different entry certificates to the nigerian certificate in education programme at the Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku Resum   Text complet
Japo Oweikeye Morto Amasuomo
2015: Vol.: 5 Núm.: 1 An analysis of JOTSE evolution Detalls   Text complet
Beatriz Amante García, María del Rosario Martínez Martínez
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 2 An Analytical hierarchy process model for the evaluation of college Resum   Text complet
Qingli Yin
2012: Vol.: 2 Núm.: 1 Analysis of online quizzes as a teaching and assessment tool Resum   HTML
Lorenzo Salas-Morera, Antonio Arauzo-Azofra, Laura García-Hernández
2012: Vol.: 2 Núm.: 1 Analysis of students’ generated questions in laboratory learning environments Resum   HTML
Juan Antonio Llorens-Molina, Jesús María Llorens de Jaime, Isidora Sanz Berzosa
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 4 Assessment of achievement in problem-solving skills in a general chemistry course Resum   Text complet
Patricia Morales Bueno
2015: Vol.: 5 Núm.: 2 Automatic evaluation of practices in Moodle for self learning in engineering Resum   Text complet
Carles Sánchez, Oriol Ramos, Patricia Márquez, Enric Martí, Jaume Rocarias Oraa, Debora Gil Resina
2011: Vol.: 1 Núm.: 2 Best practices in academic assessment in higher education Resum   HTML
Victor Manuel López Pastor
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 4 Chemistry for engineering students: a key factor for social and technological development Resum   Text complet
Juan Antonio Llorens Molina, Gabriel Pinto
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 3 CO2LD: an educational innovation project for advanced vocational training in refrigeration Resum   Text complet
Ramon Cabello López, Rodrigo Llopis Domenech, Daniel Sánchez García-Vacas, Enrique Torrella Alcaraz, Jorge Patiño Pérez
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 4 Collaborative activities for solving multi-step problems in general chemistry Resum   Text complet
Luis Antonio Tortajada Genaro
2011: Vol.: 1 Núm.: 2 Design and analysis of questionnaires for survey skills in chemical engineering Resum   HTML
Susana Lucas, Mónica Coca Sanz, Gerardo González Benito, Angel Cartón López, Maite García Cubero
2012: Vol.: 2 Núm.: 1 Development and assessment of generic competences in engineering degrees through creativity Resum   HTML
Diego Anguís Climent
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 3 Development and experimental validation of a thermoelectric test bench for laboratory lessons Resum   Text complet
Antonio Rodríguez García, David Astrain Ulibarrena, Álvaro Martínez Echeverri, Patricia Aranguren Garacochea, Gurutze Pérez Artieda
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 3 Educational simulation in practice: a teaching experience using a flight simulator Resum   Text complet
Sergio Ruiz Navarro, Carlos Aguado Reyes, Romualdo Moreno Ortiz
2014: Vol.: 4 Núm.: 4 Egyptology in the service of learning chemistry in industrial engineering Resum   Text complet
Francisco Javier Giménez Izquierdo
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 1 Enhancement in evaluating small group work in courses with large number Detalls   Text complet
Lluïsa Jordi Nebot, Rosa Pàmies Vila, Pau Català Calderon, Joan Puig Ortiz
2013: Vol.: 3 Núm.: 1 Ethics in engineering: student perceptions and their professional identity Detalls   Text complet
Brad Stappenbelt
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