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Graphics tablet technology in second year thermal engineering teaching

Antonio Luis Carrillo León, José Manuel Cejudo López, Fernando Domínguez Muñoz, Eduardo A. Rodríguez García


Graphics tablet technology is well known in markets such as manufacturing, graphics arts and design but it has
not yet found widespread acceptance for university teaching. A graphics tablet is an afordable teaching tool
that combines the best features from traditional and new media. It allows developing a progressive, interactive
lecture (as a traditional blackboard does). However, the tablet is more versatile, being able to integrate graphic
material such as tables, graphs, colours, etc. In addition to that, lecture notes can be saved and posted on a
course website. This paper is aimed at engineering instructors considering graphics tablet technology for their
teaching set up. The objective is to provide useful information and guidance by sharing experiences made using a graphics tablet for lecturing an undergraduate course on Thermal Engineering

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