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Interdisciplinary experience in the teacher training college of vitoria-gasteiz:teaching profession module

Igor Camino Ortiz Barrón, Pilar Aristizabal Llorente, Edu Zelaieta Anta


The higher education regulation process in Europe, known as the Bologna Process, has involved many changes,
mainly in relation to methodology and assessment. The paper given below relates to implementing the new EU
study plans into the Teacher Training College of Vitoria-Gasteiz; it is the first interdisciplinary paper written
involving teaching staff and related to the Teaching Profession module, the first contained in the structure of
the new plans. The coordination of teaching staff is one of the main lines of work in the Bologna Process, which
is also essential to develop the right skills and maximise the role of students as an active learning component.
The use of active, interdisciplinary methodologies has opened up a new dimension in universities, requiring the
elimination of the once componential, individual structure, making us look for new areas of exchange that make
it possible for students' training to be developed jointly.

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