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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

ISSN electrònic: 2013-0953

ISSN paper: 2013-8423

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management és una revista científica semestral en accés obert. Publica articles teòrics i empírics revisats que contribueixen a avançar en la comprensió dels fenòmens relacionats amb tots els aspectes de l'enginyeria industrial i la gestió industrial.

2015: Vol.: 8 Núm.: 2

Special Issue – LISS 2014


Corporate social capital, market orientation, organizational learning and service innovation performance: an empirical survey in the Pearl river delta of China
Zhaoquan Jian, Yu Lu Zhou
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Under-performance of listed companies? Real earnings management and M&A: chinese empirical evidence
Ziqiao Zhang
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A demand chain design for Chinese oatmeal companies
Haitao Wen, Lijing Song
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Empirical study on flow experience in China tourism e-commerce market
Jianling Wang, Meng Wang, Junyan Wu
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Research on industrialization of electric vehicles with its demand forecast using exponential smoothing method
Zhanglin Peng, Zhijun Yu, Hongbo Wang, Shanlin Yang
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Network structure detection and analysis of Shanghai stock market
Sen Wu, Mengjiao Tuo, Deying Xiong
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Empirical analysis on impact of FDI on the level of urbanization in costal areas
Cao Can-Ming, Duan Jin-Jun
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Listed companies’ income tax planning and earnings management: based on China’s capital market
Nanwei Hu, Qiang Cao, Lulu Zheng
Text complet
Multi-agent hybrid mechanism for financial risk management
Jianyuan Yan, Liao Jui-Jung, Ching-Hui Shih
Text complet
Structure selection and coordination in dual-channel supply chains
Cai Jingjing, Wu Jing, Xiao Meidan, Liu Bin, Wang Wenliang
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The propagation effect of paper version and the iPad version for periodicals
Zhang Cong, Sun Yidan, Li Zhongke
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Study on the project supervision system based on the principal-agent theory
Runtong Zhang, Yang Zhou, Hongnan Zhuang, Xiaomin Zhu
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Research on closed-loop supply chain network equilibrium with two-type suppliers, risk-averse manufacturers and capacity constraints
Sun Hao, Li Jian, Zhang Gui-Tao
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Allocation of risk capital based on iso-entropic coherent risk measure
Chengli Zheng, Yan Chen
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Research on the evaluation indicators of skilled employees’ career success based on grounded theory
Fulei Chu, Long Ye, Ming Guo
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Soldiers’ employment attitude and employability: an exploratory study
Peng Gao, Lunqu Yuan
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An index of financial safety of China
Xiaojun Jia, Menggang Li
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Analysis of China's real estate prices and macroeconomy based on evolutionary co-spectral method
Juan Li, Xuemin Chen
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