Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2013: Vol.: 6 Núm.: 4


Integrated production planning and control: a multi-objective optimization model Text complet
Cheng Wang, Xiao-Bing Liu Liu
Building evacuation: principles for the analysis of basic structures through dynamic flow networks Text complet
Salvador Casadesús Pursals, Federico Garriga Garzón
Developing TOPSIS method using statistical normalization for selecting knowledge management strategies Text complet
Amin Zadeh Sarraf, Ali Mohaghar, Hossein Bazargani
The dynamic characteristics and influencing factors of debt structure of the public companies in China Text complet
Zhefan Piao, Xiaoqi Feng
A novel optimization method on logistics operation for warehouse & port enterprises based on game theory Text complet
Junyang Li, Xiaomin Zhu, Runtong Zhang
A new hybrid GA-PSO method for solving multi-period inventory routing problem with considering financial decisions Text complet
Masoud Rabbani, Milad Baghersad, Ruholla Jafari
Identifying and ranking of strategies to implement green supply chain management in Indian manufacturing industry using Analytical Hierarchy Process Text complet
Sunil Luthra, Dixit Garg, Abid Haleem
Research on the application of the internet of things in reverse logistics information management Text complet
Yuexia Gu, Qingqi Liu
Study of large shareholders’ behavior after non-tradable shares reform: A perspective of related party transactions Text complet
Hongbo Zhang, Qing Xia
On the analysis of building a public information platform based on e-Commerce for coal logistics Text complet
Zeguo Qiu
Implementing lean manufacturing system: ISM approach Text complet
Naveen Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Abid Haleem, Pardeep Gahlot
Multiple depots vehicle routing based on the ant colony with the genetic algorithm Text complet
ChunYing Liu, Jijiang Yu
A new approach for solving capacitated lot sizing and scheduling problem with sequence and period-dependent setup costs Text complet
Imen Chaieb Memmi, Sondes Hammami Laaroussi
Ports: definition and study of types, sizes and business models Text complet
Iván Roa Perera, Yessica Peña, Beatriz Amante García, María Goretti
Knowledge collaborative incentive based on inter-organizational cooperative innovation of project-based supply chain Text complet
Guangdong Wu
Study of collaborative management of supply chain in an IT environment Text complet
Yanping Ding
The transport performance evaluation system building of logistics enterprises Text complet
Xueli Wang, Yu Chen, Li Zhang
Relationship between islamic human resources management (IHRM) practices and trust: an empirical study Text complet
Nik Mutasim Nik Ab Rahman, Mohamad Adnan Alias, Sharmin Shahid, Mohamad Abdul Hamid, Syed Shah Alam
An integrated approach for solving a MCDM problem, Combination of Entropy Fuzzy and F-PROMETHEE techniques Text complet
Amin Shahmardan, Mohammad Hendijani Zadeh
Supply chain management in view of climate change: an overview of possible impacts and the road ahead Text complet
Thomas K. Dasaklis, Costas P. Pappis
A container dispatching system for river ports based on distributed intelligent agent Text complet
Jingyuan Zeng, Zhenji Zhang, Xiaolan Guan, Ruize Gao
Coordination mechanism of SaaS service supply chain: based on compensation contracts Text complet
Yanli Guo, Jianbin Chen, Hailing Guo, Xinman Lu
Job stress with supervisor’s social support as a determinant of work Intrusion on family conflict Text complet
Azman Ismail, Fara Farihana Suhaimi, Rizal Abu Bakar, Syed Shah Alam
Passenger sharing of the high-speed railway from sensitivity analysis caused by price and run-time based on the multi-agent system Text complet
Ma Ning, Yin Ge, Zuo Yang
Service requirement for terminal delivery: an empirical study from the perspective of online shoppers Text complet
Junjie Xu, Ling Jiang, Yiliang Li
The relationship among customer demand, competitive strategy and manufacturing system functional objectives Text complet
Wei Xu, Qingshan Zhang, Jun Ma