Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2016: Vol.: 9 Núm.: 5

Vol.: 9 Núm.: 5

Special Issue - Building Bridges between Researchers and Practitioners


Special Issue: Building Bridges between Researchers and Practitioners
Javier Santos-García, Elisabeth Viles
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Fill Rate Estimation in Periodic Review Policies with Lost Sales Using Simple Methods
Manuel Cardós, Ester Guijarro, María Eugenia Babiloni Griñón
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Linking the Spare Parts Management with the Total Costs of Ownership: An Agenda for Future Research
Orlando Duran, Irene Roda, Marco Macchi
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Application of the TDABC Model in the Logistics Process Using Different Capacity Cost Rates
Paulo Alfonso, Alex Santana
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Supply Chain Collaboration: A Game-Theoretic Approach to Profit Allocation
Borja Ponte, Isabel Fernández, Rafael Rosillo, José Parreño, Nazario García
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Minimizing the Carbon Footprint of Material Handling Equipment: Comparison of Electric and LPG Forklifts
Francesco Facchini, Giovanni Mummolo, Giorgio Mossa, Salvatore Digiesi, Francesco Boenzi, Rossella Verriello
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An Overview of the Circular Economy among SMEs in the Basque Country: A Multiple Case Study
Marta Ormazabal, Vanessa Prieto-Sandoval, Carmen Jaca, Javier Santos-García
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Measure to Succeed: How to Improve Employee Participation in Continuous Improvement
Daniel Jurburg, Elisabeth Viles Diez, Martín Tanco Rainusso, Ricardo Mateo Dueñas, Alvaro Lleó
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Evaluating the Impact of Strategic Personnel Policies Using a MILP Model: The Public University Case
María del Rocío de la Torre Martínez, Amaia Lusa García, Manuel Mateo Doll
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ISO 9001 Aspects Related to Performance and Their Level of Implementation
Jordi Castelló Dalmau, Gerusa Giménez Leal, Rodolfo de Castro Vila
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Managing Waiting Times to Predict No-shows and Cancelations at a Children’s Hospital
Miguel Rodríguez-García, Aldo A. McLean-Carranza, J. Carlos Prado-Prado, Carlos Domínguez-Caamaño
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Three Stage Maturity Model in SME’s towards Industry 4.0
Jaione Ganzarain, Nekane Errasti
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