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2017: Vol.: 10 Núm.: 4

Vol.: 10 Núm.: 4

Special Issue - Logistics Systems Design in Latin America


Special Issue: Logistics Systems Design in Latin America
Miguel Gastón Cedillo-Campos, Juan Carlos Villa
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Operational Practices of Lean Manufacturing: Potentiating Environmental Improvements
Marcos José Alves Pinto Junior, Juliana Veiga Mendes
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Decision Policy Scenarios for Just-in-Sequence Deliveries
Miguel Gastón Cedillo-Campos, Dario Morones Ruelas, Giovanni Lizarraga Lizarraga, Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu, Jose Arturo Garza-Reyes
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Optimization of Territories and Transport Routes for Hazardous Materials in a Distribution Network
José Manuel Velarde Cantú, Alfredo Bueno Solano, Ernesto Alonso Lagarda Leyva, Mauricio Lopez Acosta
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Solution Approach for a Large-Scale Personnel Transport System for a Large Company in Latin America
Eduardo Arturo Garzón Garnica, Santiago Omar Caballero Morales, José Luis Martínez Flores
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A Granular Tabu Search Algorithm for a Real Case Study of a Vehicle Routing Problem with a Heterogeneous Fleet and Time Windows
Jose Bernal, John Willmer Escobar, Rodrigo Linfati
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Assembly of Customized Food Pantries in a Food Bank by Fuzzy Optimization
Jonathan Cuevas Ortuño, Alejandra Gómez Padilla
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Dynamic Impact of the Structure of the Supply Chain of Perishable Foods on Logistics Performance and Food Security
Javier Arturo Orjuela Castro, Wilson Adarme Jaimes
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The Role of Knowledge Management in Supply Chain Management: A Literature Review
María del Rosario Pérez Salazar, Alberto Alfonso Aguilar Laserre, Miguel Gastón Cedillo-Campos, José Carlos Hernández González
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A Multi-Criteria Vertical Coordination Framework for a Reliable Aid Distribution
Fabiola Regis Hernández, Jaime Mora Vargas, Angel Ruíz
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