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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

ISSN electrònic: 2013-0953

ISSN paper: 2013-8423

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management és una revista científica semestral en accés obert. Publica articles teòrics i empírics revisats que contribueixen a avançar en la comprensió dels fenòmens relacionats amb tots els aspectes de l'enginyeria industrial i la gestió industrial.

2014: Vol.: 7 Núm.: 1


Determining service improvement priority in a zoological park
Ronald Sukwadi, Ching-Chow Yang
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Development and validation of resource flexibility measures for manufacturing industry
Gulshan Chauhan, T.P. Singh
Text complet
Determining supply chain safety stock level and location
Bahareh Amirjabbari, Nadia Bhuiyan
Text complet
Validation of the JDS satisfaction scales applied to educational university environments
Martha Giraldo-O'Meara, Juan A. Marin-Garcia, Monica Martinez-Gomez
Text complet
Analysis on predict model of railway passenger travel factors judgment with soft-computing methods
Xi Yan, Jing Li
Text complet
Integrated inventory ranking system for oilfield equipment industry
Jalel Ben Hmida, Siddharth Parekh, Jim Lee
Text complet
Research on the time optimization model algorithm of Customer Collaborative Product Innovation
Guodong Yu, Yang Yu, Qingsong Xing, Fei Li
Text complet
A methodology to measure the degre of managerial innovation
Mustafa Batuhan Ayhan, Ercan Oztemel
Text complet
Integrating developing country manufacturing industries into global supply chain
Fasika Bete Georgise, Thoben Klause-Dieter, Marcus Seifert
Text complet
Integrated management systems and workflow-based electronic document management: an empirical stud
Hang Thu Pho, Torben Tambo
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Optimization of a dynamic supply portfolio considering risks and discount’s constraints
Masoud Rabbani, S.M. Khalili, H. Janani, M. Shiripour
Text complet
Using Modified Similarity Multiple criteria Decision Making technique to rank countries in terms of Human Development Index
Hossein Safari, Elham Ebrahimi
Text complet
Supplier selection in manufacturing innovation chain-oriented public procurement based on improved PSO method
Xin Xu, Yunlong Ding
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The effect of management team characteristics on performance and style extremity of mutual fund portfolios
Liu Qiong, Kuan Yang, Yinggao Zhou
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An LCA study of an electricity coal supply chain
Chao Wang, Dong Mu
Text complet
Business factors related to manufacturing firms' performance
Stergios Vranakis, Prodromos Chatzoglou
Text complet
Role stress and work engagement as antecedents of job satisfaction in Spanish workers
Alejandro Orgambídez-Ramos, Yolanda Borrego-Alés, Isabel Mendoza-Sierra
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