Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

ISSN electrònic: 2013-0953

ISSN paper: 2013-8423

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management és una revista científica semestral en accés obert. Publica articles teòrics i empírics revisats que contribueixen a avançar en la comprensió dels fenòmens relacionats amb tots els aspectes de l'enginyeria industrial i la gestió industrial.

2014: Vol.: 7 Núm.: 4


Supply chain single vendor – Single buyer inventory model with price-dependent demand
Mona Ahmadi Rad, Farid Khoshalhan, Mostafa Setak
International oil price’s impacts on carbon emission in China’s transportation industry
Guoxing Zhang, Sujie Cheng
Optimal strategy for selling on group-buying website
Xuan Jiang, Shiming Deng
Integration of simulation and DEA to determine the most efficient patient appointment scheduling model for a specific healthcare setting
Nazanin Aslani, Jun Zhang
Cooperative game analysis of a supply chain with one risk-neutral supplier and two risk-averse retailers
Changwen Li, Yongwu Zhou, Yong Lu, Jinsen Guo
Vendor Managed Inventory: why you need to talk to your supplier
Frederik Zachariassen, Henning De Haas, Sirle Bürkland
Relation of project managers' personality and project performance: an approach based on value stream mapping
Maurizio Bevilacqua, Filippo Ciarapica, Michele Germani, Giovanni Mazzuto, Claudia Paciarotti
Systemic assessment framework of a learning organization's competitive positioning
Wissam El Hachem, Ramy Harik, Joseph Khoury
Two staged incentive contract focused on efficiency and innovation matching in critical chain project management
Min Zhang, Maozhu Jin
Lessons from an innovation-leader and tools to learn them
Bill Williams, José Figueiredo
Characterization of cyclical phases in the manufacturing industry in Spain
Mercè Sala, Teresa Torres, Mariona Farré