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Mapas tecnológicos, estrategia empresarial y oportunidades de mercado. El caso de los textiles para usos médicos

Pere Escorsa i Castells, Ramon Maspons, Marisela Rodríguez


In order to compete and to keep up to date, companies must use new instruments of analysis that allow early detection of opportunities and possible threats. Technology watch is proposed in order to obtain information on what is happening in a certain technological area: what subjects are being researched, what research lines are emerging, which are the leading companies and research groups, and so on.
Within the area of technology watch, technology maps, obtained from processing the information contained in data bases of patents and technical articles, are a powerful tool for the analysis of technological tendencies. However, the results that they provide are not sufficient for decision-making in companies if they cannot be linked with market behaviour.
Although methodologies for drawing up technology maps have been defined, until the present there has been little progress in studying their links with the market. The present article therefore aims to provide an overview of the application of the maps and their relationship with market analysis for the detection of competitive technological opportunities.
The starting point is the maps obtained by the authors in the sector of “Industrial Medical Fabrics” in a study carried out within the framework of the European Commission’s Leonardo Programme (Escorsa, Maspons and Rodríguez, 1998) in order to subsequently design a methodology that incorporates data from market studies.

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