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Comportamiento tintóreo de los componentes relax y retráctil en hilos high-bulk

Josefina Maillo Garrido, Publio Puente Garrido, Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Mireia Batriu


The evolution of colorant absorption in HB threads and the variation in the fine structure produced by the dyeing treatments were examined. The study was performed using two acrylic fibres from different commercial origins. These were used to prepare the following threads: 100% Relax (N) and 100% Retractile (R), e-threads HB 55%, N-45% R and 45%N-55% R. Point-to-point kinetic studies of dyeing and kinetic studies of dyeing with graphic recording were carried out for all threads. The evolution of the fibre micro-structure was studied throughout the dyeing process by means of the technique of solubility differential in DMF/H20 mixtures.

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