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Modificación de los parámetros del polímero en el termofijado del poliéster a diferentes temperaturas

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Diana Cayuela Marín, Josefina Maillo Garrido, Jordi Bou, Isabel Gacén Esbec


A polyester cloth was heatset at nominal temperatures between 160 and 220ºC. From the corresponding substrates the effective temperature, the cristallinity, the mean molecular weight and its distribution, the content of carboxylic groups and of superficial oligomers, the degree of whiteness and the yellow index were determined. In this way it was possible to evaluate the changes of cristallinity and the migration of oligomers to the periphery of the fibre, along with a possible redistribution of molecular weights and a chemico-thermal attack in the heat-fixing operation.

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