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Estudio técnico-textil de dos piezas singulares de la arqueología paleo-cristiana: la sindone de torino y el sudario de oviedo [parte 1ª]

Federico López-Amo Marín


In Christian palaeology there are two singular pieces (although attempts have been made confuse them with other relics imitating them) of capital importance for the believer, which have as their basis, substrate or support a textile structure which has been the object of few studies, due to the difficulty of extracting sufficient samples.
In these pages the aim is to record what is known about them to date, deducing other data in order to obtain a more complete technical textile study, of both the so-called Holy Sindone conserved in the Cathedral of Turin and the Holy Shroud conserved in the Cathedral of Oviedo. They are both linen cloths: the first has a texture of return twill, and the second is simple taffeta. Attached to this study is an investigation performed by the author to determine statistically and quantitatively the irregularity of their yarns, which is very great, since they were obtained by manual spinning. In the study of the Oviedo Shroud, a Cartesian representation is established for the topographic location of the bloodstains, which have been and will continue to be the object of studies and analyses by specialists from around the world.

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