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Reutilización de efluentes de tintura: celda UVEC

María Carmen Gutiérrez Bouzán, Mireia Sala Gastón


Certain type of dyes and other non biodegradable compounds cannot be removed with the biological conventional treatments of wastewater. A technology constituted by an electrochemical cell with an UV source of irradiation, Cell UVEC, able to degrade this kind of compounds is presented. This cell is an efficient method to remove colour of exhausted dyebaths. It is clean system, operates at room temperature, no residues are generated and the addition of chemical reagents is not required. The decoloured effluents can be reused of for a new dyeing process, which is an advantageous alternative to their discharge. In this case, an important reduction of salt and water consumption (about 70% of dyeing water and 60% of salt are recycled) is achieved

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