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Estudio de la estructura fina de fibras texturadas de poliamida 6.6. Sorción de yodo y cristalinidad

Josefina Maillo Garrido, Diana Cayuela Marín, Joaquín Gacén Guillén, Olga Fernández, Laura Mercado


In this work, variations of the fine structure of polyamide 6.6 fibres are studied. For this purpose, iodine sorption technique, usually used in the characterization of the fine structure of polyester fibres has been adapted and optimized for polyamide 6.6 fibres. Used samples are polyamide 6.6 fibres with the same count and different filament number, false twist textured at different temperatures and air-jet textured. The iodine sorption technique has been an useful technique to determine differences among the different substrates. Results have been related with crystallinity obtained by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

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