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Producción de nanofibras a partir de un diseño innovador de máquina prototipo de electrospinning

Francesc Cano Casas, José Antonio Tornero García, Arun Naik Kardile


The electrospinning spinning is one method of production of nanofibres. Although this technique, was invented by Formhals 1934 there has been an explosion of published scientific papers published in the last 10 years. According to the literature the potential use of these fibers is very high. They are currently produced basically for the industrial sector of filtration. However different research centres are working in applications for other sectors such as medical sector, aeronautics, textile industry, etc. For this reason, INTEXTER has designed and built a prototype unit of spinning machine by electrospinning. This machine, apart from being equipped with all the functional elements of a unit of this type, has the security and protection systems appropriate to the potential hazards of this spinning system. This paper presents the methodology developed to design and build the unit and the first performance tests of it

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