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Caracterización de la doble capa eléctrica en las fibras textiles y su influencia en la absorción de tensioactivos.

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité


To characterize the electric double layer the forces of the electrostatic interaction are determined between surface of the charged fibre and the ions of the electrolytes around it. This is achieved by electrokinetic determinations of potential.
The paper begins by mentioning the origin of the charge on the surface of the textile fibre on getting into contact with a polar medium.
The influence of such a charge on the polar solution is then studied as well as the way the charge distribution according to the theories of Helmholtz, Gouy-Chapman, Stern and Graham.
The main potentials and the thickness of the electric double layer are then determined according to Gouy-Chapman's theory.
The effect of the electrolytes on the thickness of the electric double layer is equally discussed. The density of the surface charge is determined and related to the surface potential.
Determination of zeta potential in fibrous materials by steaming potential method.
The influence of factors in the modification of electric double layer are expound the effects of the adsorption of surfactants on the zeta potential of fibres are indicated.

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