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La formación de micelas en mezclas de dodecilsulfato sódico y nonilfenol oxietilenado con diferentes grados de de oxietilenación.

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité


This paper is a contribution to the physicochemical study of the formation of mixed micelles in mixtures of sodium dodecylsulphate and non-ionic surfaetants of oxyethylenated nsnylphenol with 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 moles sf ethylene oxide. The variation of the critical micellar concentrations obtained at 25°C from the surface tensions and for different mixtures was studied as the the proportion of the mixture and the length of the oxyethylenated chain. Each mixture was charaeterized by means of an empiric parameter which provided quantitatively the molecular interaction in the mixed micelle. The micellar synergism was studied versus their components as well as the influence of the mixture on the reduction of the water surface tension.

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