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Las aquil-amido-betaínas en la tintura de la lana.

Ascensión Riva Juan, José Cegarra Sánchez


This paper deals with the influence of the alkyl-amidebetaines on wool dyeing with acid dyes. The influence of the alkyl chain length and concentration on the dyeing kinetics and levelling are also examided.
This research work is divided in two parts; the first deals with the dissolution state of dyes in presence of alkyl-amide-betaines using the spectrofhotometric method while the second part is devoted to the study of the dyeing kinetics. The presence of alkyl-amide-betaines in the dyeing bath accelerates the dye absorption rate and improves levelling. The extent of these effects is different according to the type of the alkyl-amide-betaine used and the concentration of the latter in cach case.

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