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Influencia del peso corporal sobre la acumulación de cromo y potasio en carpines dorados (Carassius auratus).

Rosa Flos Bassols, María del Carmen Riva Juan, J. Balash


Because the excretion passage of chrome (gills and bile) can regulate the body levels of metal and because of a possible period ollatency of these regulating mechanisms, this paper studies the influence of time and age on Goldfish.
The chrome concentrations were analysed in pools with specimens of the same weight while the levels of metal were determined by AAS in gills, bile, muscle and liver to groups of 26 goldfish separated according to their size and after different periods of treatment with potassium dichromate (20 ppm Chrome VI).
Results show not to exist correlation between the chrome levels in those organs and the body weight the range of weight 2-12 g.

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