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Influencia del tratamiento y condiciones de termofijado en los parámetros de los tejidos de calada de poliéster.

Arun Naik, Joaquín Gacén Guillén


Polyester woven fabric was heat set under different conditions of temperature (180 and 200°C) and time (30, 45 and 60 seconds) important parameters of the original scoured fabric and heat set fabrics are determined. From the results obtained, it is deduced that the heat setting procees substantially modifies some of these parameters.
In some cases the variations induced are independent of the heat setting conditions, while others (fabric weight, crimp, flexmal rigidity, air permeability, crease recovery, drape breaking strength and abrasion resistence) are influenced by the temperature. Heat setting time influences to some extent the drape coefficient and abrasion resitance.
The heat setting treatment produces advantageous effect on air permeability and resistence to abrasion while a negative effect on flexual rigidity. All the fabrics studied have excellent dimensional stability and this is independent of heat setting variables.

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