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Hilatura-OE de rotor para lana cardada.

Liberto Coll Tortosa, Miguel Grabulosa, José Masip


Due to peculiar characteristics of wool fibres, open-end rotor spinning system is not employed in wool spinning as in cotton. The problems are related with the combing of the feeding system where the combing cylinder damages the fibres producing breakage.
In this study, combing system based on drawing cylinder and nipping by aprons is studied. The drawing is carried out noncontinueusly by nipping. The results obtained are compared with those of the pressure combing cylinder and flat feeding.
It is shown that in the system of combing through drawing, a more uniform combing of the wool sliver is obtained as compared to the pressure combing cylinder system. It is also less sensitive to the type of finish employed. The yarns obtained have relatively high tenacity and are more regular than those spun by conventional woolen system. They can be considered quite suitable for Ladies wear and knitted fabrics.

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