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Blanqueo con peróxido de hidrógeno en medio ácido de lanas de diferente blancura inicial.

Joaquín Gacén Guillén, José Cegarra Sánchez, Montserrat Caro


For similar chemical attacks, bleaching with hydrogen peroxide in an alkaline medium originates a better whiteness than the obtained in an acidic medium while the yellow index is more sensitive to bleaching than the value of W. On the other hand, this paper demonstrates that the presence of conimercial sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) on bleaching in an acidic medium improves both the values of W and Y.I. and also that the optimum concentration of SLS seems to be 1% (active matter) for Y.I. and around 2% for W. It is also seen that, in the four merino wools used in this paper, the presence of SLS in a bleaching bath with hydrogen peroxide in an acidic medium enables to reach more easily the same value of W. and Y.I. that when bleaching in an alkaline medium.

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