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Actividad de superficie de las soluciones acuosas de Laurilaminas oxietilenadas.

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité, José Ribé Pons


Polyoxythylenated laurylamines are products employed in the textile field as levelling agents in the dyeing of wool with acid dyes. This products are applied in presence of dyeing electrolytes like sodium sulfate and acetic acid.
This paper contributes to the physico-chemical study of these polyoxyethylenated laurylamines in presence of the same dyeing electrolites, by analysing the influence of the polyoxythylenated chain length on the formation of micelles.
From the static surface tension, the micelle formation of the aqueous solutions of different oxyethylenated laurylamines having 15, 20, 25, 40 and 60 groups of ethylene oxide was deduced, with and without the presence of Sodium acetate and acetic acid under the influence of temperature and pH. The area occupied per molecule at air-water interface in the aqueous surfactant solutions was calculated, with the aim of finding their relation with the length of polyoxyethylenated chain.
Termodynamics parameters were deduced from the data of micellar system obtained, the influence of polyoxyethyelene chain was analysed with and without the presence of electrolytes.

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